Capabilities & Experiences

IoT Nexus™ leverages from three core proximity based technologies; BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Geo-Fencing as well as SMS, MMS and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) inputs to activate an experience. In addition to these experiences, IoT Nexus™ provides IoT Device Management capabilities and also allows your mobile sales or field service teams to take credit card payments directly on their mobile phone.

Experiences leveraging BLE Beacons will be automatically activated when either a mobile phone with the IoT Nexus™ app installed or another BLE device, such as an access card, that has been configured within IoT Nexus™ comes within range of the beacon. The range itself depends on a number of factors but can reach up to 100 meters.

Utilising NFC will automatically activate an experience when an NFC device, that has been configured within IoT Nexus™, comes within range of another NFC device. The range is typically within 4 centimetres of each other but can vary depending on the device.

It is important to note that both NFC devices don’t have to be configured within IoT Nexus™. For example, a person with an NFC enabled mobile phone, can tap their phone on an NFC sticker at a store and automatically “check-in” to that store via social media. In this instance, the NFC sticker is configured within IoT Nexus™, but the mobile phone does not need to have any prior configuration within IoT Nexus™.

Experiences leveraging Geo-fencing will automatically activate when a mobile phone with the IoT Nexus™ app installed enters or exits the designated virtual boundary.

Sending an SMS to a specific number can activate an experience which is tailored based on the specific content of the SMS. For example, a person might SMS a code of ‘123’ to enter themselves into a competition whereas if they SMS ‘Marketing’ to the same number they could be added to a marketing list for future correspondence.

Calling a phone number that is managed by the IVR capabilities of IoT Nexus™ will automatically activate an initial generic experience that is subsequently tailored as the caller follows the prompts and dials accordingly. If the caller uniquely identifies themselves via their customer number (or similar), the entire experience can be personalised specifically for them.

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