IoT Nexus™ is an enterprise contextual proximity management suite, that utilises a combination of the proximity and interactive communication technologies shown below, to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365, and enable you to engage your stakeholders, optimise your operations, transform your products & services and empower your employees.

Bluetooth Beacons

Assign Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons to assets or locations to detect and track stakeholders close by and automatically initiate a unique personalised experience for them.


Leverage Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to automatically detect when your stakeholders enter or exit a specified location and initiate a personalised experience for that stakeholder or notify your staff.

Near Field Communication

Utilise Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to provide stakeholders with an ability to initiate a dynamic, personalised expereinces, simply by tapping their NFC enabled device on the tag.

Quick Resposne Codes

Allow your stakeholders to access information about something of relevence such as a location, product or promotion by simply using the camera in their mobile device to scan a Quick Response (QR) code.


Incorporate SMS' into personalised experiences by sending outbound messages to stakeholders and also allowing them initiate an experience, such as enter a competition, by accepting inbound messages too.

Digital Signage

Personalise content displayed on your digital signage for each person in proximity to the display unit, and allow them to interact through the use of NFC and QR Codes to provide each person with a unique experience.

Call Automation

Leverage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities to dynamically change voice response menus based on the caller's profile; automate personalised outbound calls; and enable record creation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 without a human call centre operator.